Thursday, April 6, 2006

Special Bond

I feel a special bond with my son that my husband says he is still working on. It must be hard for a dad who didn't get to experience the thrill of a tiny life growing inside, needing you, totally depending on you for its own life. Where does a father's bond come from? How does their bond materialize?

Is that special bond created only during the 10 months of pregnancy? Is it just an innate female trait that even if a man can carry a baby wouldn't feel? Do dad's feel guilty for not feeling that bond? Can the connection between mom and child be the same between dad and child? Or are these connections meant to be different? Can they be developed down the road? Sometimes I just feel lucky to be a mom and not a dad.

A mothers bond is apparent from the moment of conception. The bond continually grows each day during your pregnancy. Once you bring your baby into this world, the bond is set forever! Its an unexplainable feeling. Its natural. There is a link between the two of you that cannot be replicated.

Dad's are not as lucky. The bonding period for a dad comes after the birth. Some dads need longer periods of adjustment, while other dads feel the bond immediately. Its a different bond from a mothers. One can never explain.

But I think the parents bonds are meant to be different. Your baby will thrive on this difference.

Just remember that even though the bond might be different, its a bond that cannot be replaced. This bond is a lifelong experience that will grow and change with each passing day. Enjoy every moment!

Before I go to sleep, let me leave you with this:
There is no wrong or right in feelings. So don't be ashamed of how you feel.

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