Monday, March 21, 2011

love is stronger than death

so here i am, at the end of an emotional day
endless supplies of tears and memories
and still feeling after all this time...

my writings are part of my coping mechanism
a temporary mode of catharsis
as expressive as i am
as open as i am
as many tears as i've shed
i sometimes feel just as repressed as the next angst-riddled teen

it scares me to realize that even faced head on
somewhere unbeknownst to me,
there still lies anger, regret, hurt, pain, and deep sorrow
secretly bottled up in the darkest corners of my insides
always ready to boil over
always sitting over the edge
a heart forever broken
a void that can never be filled

i'll always have this feeling, this story, this missing piece in me
that I will carry for the rest of my life
some may understand, some may even empathize
but i realize now that grief can't be shared
you carry it alone
your burden in your own way

a feeling, a story, a missing piece
a responsibility I'm proud to carry
even if i carry it alone
cause in the end
love is stronger than death


Robin, I'm drowning in tears here
I fucking miss you so!
Never stop sending me messages...
they give me hope!
till we meet again bro...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

of such insignificant times

walking down the street
I smile at a complete stranger
and in that instant it occurs to me
i miss my brother's smile
and in that moment
memories flash me by
and a tear forms in my eye
my throat begins to tighten
and I carry on with my head held down low
my emotions run away
while my feet can barely move
feelings of guilt for living on
but smirking cause you'd want it no other way
wanting to call you
and wishing you were still here
missing our talks
missing your hugs

in the quickest of moments
of such insignificant times
I sometimes just breakdown and cry

I miss you so!



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