Wednesday, April 17, 2013

life is beautiful

life is beautiful.
I believe in it's ugliest hour, beauty still exists.

for every act of terror,
there are more deeds of kindness

for every act of war,
there are more feats of compassion

through all the chaos and madness,
humanity still prevails

through the destruction and wreckage,
nature still shines on

through the dark clouds and bloody trails,
compassion and kindness exists in plenty

and through it all, you name it,
love supersedes evil

to me, the most beautiful thing in life is love
love overpowers hate. love empowers us. love sees us through.
love is amazing. love sets us free.
so when you find yourself question life, existence, evil and/or this crazy fucked up world we live in... remember life is beautiful. life is beautiful in all the simple things around us and hidden in all the ugly things we endure. cause through it all, and in the end, sunsets still rise, birds still chirp, flowers keep on blooming, trees are growing, ocean waves keep rolling on...people rise together, love blooms every day, lives flourish and thrive, and humanity keeps rolling on. so stop, take note of it. revel in it every chance you get. life is beautiful in every corner of this earth.

with love, we are invincible. 
all we need is love. love is all we need.
and never forget:
life is beautiful.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Well, hello there...

so, yeah i've been a stranger in the blogosphere for almost two years. i suck. and i hope my two blog fans don't hate me. are you both still there? i'm not proud of my disappearance. all i have are lame excuses, like no time, children, and work. but whatever...excuses are for lame-o's.

i had lunch with a very dear friend and soul sister, camile! she brought back to my attention my blogs; how she loved my blogs and how i inspired her to blog herself. plugging her blog here. while sitting there and attempting to explain to her out loud "my excuses" for not blogging, it made me just cringe. it was pathetic really. i mean how am i supposed to get a writing career if i don't write. how can i complain about my job, the one that is a means to an end, if i'm not even trying to do what i love?! so here i am...trying to get back into it, not for the career goal (although, that would be totally awesome), but to take all the things that spin in my head and lay them all out for my (2 fan based) blog world to read, laugh, and be inspired. i might back track to some older ideas in my head; about parenting, living life to the fullest, and mostly just spewing all the crap in my head. so here goes it...

so for today, i'll just fill you in on a few things that have happened while i've been away:

  • september 2011 
    • went to california for the first time. i hugged thousand year old trees, slept in a tent, drank lots of wine, and met my boyfriends family
  • november 2, 2011
    • my first niece was born. lilianne robin azoulay. she is the daughter i'll never have.
  • june 2012 
    • went to vegas for the first time. we stayed in the paris hotel, won $85 in caesar's palace, molested statues, went to the grand canyon, walked the skywalk and the hoover dam bridge
  • june 23, 2012 
    • shot a fully automatic m-16 rifle in celebration of robin's birthday. enough said.
  • august 7, 2012 
    • i got a new tattoo. a big hamsa on my left side ribs. hurt like a motherfucker
  • october 2012 
    • i voted early. i voted obama. 
  • december 1, 2012
    • moved into a new place with my boyfriend and his 2 wonderful boys
  • december 2012 
    • i had a breast cancer scare. i have breast calcifications (that were biopsied) and four nodules that need to be monitored for the next two years. fuck cancer
  • january, 2013 
    • went horseback riding for the first time. sore ass.
  • january 28, 2013
    • purchased an ibanez artwood guitar. youtube lessons. finger tip callouses. another checkmark on my bucket list.
  • february 10, 2013 
    • my boyfriend propsed to me. i am now engaged to my soul mate. 

...and today, i am still planning a wedding, raising three amazing boys, managing my time poorly, dealing with chronic neck problems, frustrated with people, inconsistently working out, devouring chocolate daily (no seriously, every day!), falling asleep early, cursing like a fucking trucker, misplacing my patience, and most importantly loving on the four men in my life.

i'd like to close with a quote from my son:
"i moustache you a question. but i'll shave it for later"

    i'm a tree-hugger!


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