Monday, July 15, 2013

equal human rights for all, we are not all trayvon martin. i am not trayvon martin. i am a white, jewish-born mother living in cooper city, florida. i don't get pulled over by police for random searches. i don't get treated like a punk who will steal while shopping in a store. i am not a threat to anyone. and i don't think i will ever be followed in the streets at dark for being a suspicious character. but i don't have to be trayvon martin to empathize with him and his family. i don't have to be trayvon martin or have darker skin to know that racism killed him (and countless others). i don't know what it will take to change this country we live in, but i do know we need change. i fear the future for my children. we live in a world where this is acceptable and that is unacceptable to me. i am not nor will i ever be trayvon martin, but i stand up for him and all my fellow brothers and sisters on this earth. for i support equal human rights for all.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

not guilty

not guilty, but not innocent
we have guilty people walking free
innocent people walking in heaven too soon

i could be the mother watching the murderer of my son walk free
a child who did nothing wrong that day
it was not the wrong time and wrong place for him
yet one man's wrong actions towards him
and today that man has been given freedom
even if he stole a child's freedom (for no reason)

justice does not seem to be fair
where is the common sense
i am sick to my stomach

the world doesn't make sense
i am heartbroken
the tears keep rolling

i think of my boys
my innocent boys
i fear this world will swallow them up

today, is a sad day for everyone's freedom.
this is not the greatest country in the world
freedom, liberty, and justice - not for all

i am discouraged
i am losing hope
i can't stop crying
help me understand

let me end with a quote from miami gardens mayor oliver gilbert: "Let us honor Trayvon by working together to build a world that never allows life to be lost to ignorance, indifference, or idiocy."

may there be peace on earth for all sooner rather than later
RIP Trayvon Martin


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