Monday, June 23, 2014

i live

for you, i live
i dare
i seek
i thrill
i love
i live

this year's birthday adventure in celebration of your life and the way you lived to fly again, using a water jetpack (james bond style). unfortunately, the company canceled last minute today and our experience will be postponed for another day (soon).

these new adventures every year make me feel alive. without adventures, risks and experiencing new things in're not living at all. you're just not dying.

"to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all" - oscar wilde
in your short life, you lived life more than most in a full lifetime. something i am always so proud to say. i hope i am making you proud with the life i am living, not just existing...because it's for both you and me.

happy birthday robin!
i love you and miss you everyday!!!

xoxo, from my heart to your soul


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