Wednesday, April 17, 2013

life is beautiful

life is beautiful.
I believe in it's ugliest hour, beauty still exists.

for every act of terror,
there are more deeds of kindness

for every act of war,
there are more feats of compassion

through all the chaos and madness,
humanity still prevails

through the destruction and wreckage,
nature still shines on

through the dark clouds and bloody trails,
compassion and kindness exists in plenty

and through it all, you name it,
love supersedes evil

to me, the most beautiful thing in life is love
love overpowers hate. love empowers us. love sees us through.
love is amazing. love sets us free.
so when you find yourself question life, existence, evil and/or this crazy fucked up world we live in... remember life is beautiful. life is beautiful in all the simple things around us and hidden in all the ugly things we endure. cause through it all, and in the end, sunsets still rise, birds still chirp, flowers keep on blooming, trees are growing, ocean waves keep rolling on...people rise together, love blooms every day, lives flourish and thrive, and humanity keeps rolling on. so stop, take note of it. revel in it every chance you get. life is beautiful in every corner of this earth.

with love, we are invincible. 
all we need is love. love is all we need.
and never forget:
life is beautiful.

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septembermom said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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