Monday, April 24, 2006

My Rest in Peace Place

So now that you know my happy place, let me share with you my rest in peace place. In my happy place I am lying on my back and drifting away peacefully. Well when I die, I want to be doing the same thing. I want to spend my eternity in that same serenity. That's why they say rest in peace, right?

I want to be buried under a huge oak tree in a quiet cemetery.
~Picture *Arlington National Cemetery* without all the tourists~

To me, the oak tree symbolizes life and eternity. The roots of the tree are planted so deep it is forever. I want to be buried under an oak tree side by side with my husband forever!

Have you ever noticed that cemeteries seem to be always located on busy streets? I want to find a cemetery off the beaten path. It really doesn't matter where or what state. It should be simple and green (lots of green). This place should not be where I am remembered. It is just my rest in peace place. When I am gone, I will be in your hearts and memories, hopefully

P.S. If I do not happen to find this place before I die, please help me find it.
Before I go, let me leave you with 2 quotes:
Thank god for pictures, how else am I supposed to remember my memories. ~ Sol

As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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