Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, which only means one thing to me: DAY OFF!

It's a day off from work, but not a day off from Mathew and house chores. Oh well! I'll enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm looking forward to Saturday night. I have finally loosen my reigns and decided to give a babysitter a chance. Michael and I are finally going out on a date (since Mathew). I don't know what we're doing yet, but anything will be fine...just the 2 of us!

Mathew is now onto Green Beans and Rice...not his favorite.

Before I go back to my chores (and before Mathew wakes up), let me leave you with a little something about me:
I love the color purple...all shades of purple from lilac to eggplant. But for some reason I have been attracted to pink lately. It's such a girlie color and I'm SO not a girlie girl, but I'm starting to dabble into pink now. go figure!

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