Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mathew Update

Mathew had his 6 month doctor appointment. He looks like he is coming down with a cold. He has a runny eye and runny nose. Good thing, the runny is clear and he has no fever, so hopefully it will just pass. Here are his stats:

18 lbs.
28 inches
Let's get him ready for football!

Got 2 shots today, was a champ!

He started three meals of solid foods today. We are starting with Squash! Doctor told us to save the fruits for later (once he gets used to the boring foods, like vegetables). We are doing the organic thing. I am a strong believer in all things natural.

Before I go to watch some mindless television, let me leave you with this:
To be content is greater than riches, so love what you have.

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