Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Groundhog Day

Someone asked me today, "What have you been up to?" Nothing new. It's the same thing everyday. I thought of Groundhog Day, the movie. I live the same day over and over; it's up at 6am, take a walk, get ready for school/work, spend the day at school/work, pick Mathew up at 5, get home by 6pm, feed Mathew dinner, play, bath, and then finally bed time. Once he is in bed, I feed myself, watch a little TV, and then it is bed time for me. I enjoy the weekends because from 8-5am, I spend quality time with Mathew; parks, swimming, malls, restaurants, and friends. The morning and evening routines still stay the same. Believe me, I love my life and have no complaints. It's the little things that I am trying to remind you all to appreciate waking up to a silent sound, waking up whenever you want, making no plans, taking long showers, eating slow, just to name a few.

I look forward to February 3rd.

My soon to be ex-husband will be getting a place of his own and will hopefully be taking Mathew every other weekend and one night a week. So then when someone asks me "what have you been up to?" hopefully, I will have something more interesting to say about myself.

Before I go, here's something interesting:
Hawaii is calling me. There are signs everywhere. It's not about wanting anymore, it's a need now. I just need to go! This will be my 30th birthday treat to myself. It's time to spoil myself and indulge in a little Hawaii lifestyle. ~Aloha~

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