Saturday, August 26, 2006


On Friday, when I picked up Mathew from daycare, I saw a little painting on a paper plate on top of his bag. I asked if this was Mathew's (since I never expected artwork from him yet). They said yes. No words can describe how moved I was. I don't think you can understand this indescribable feeling if you have not gone through it yourself. This is Mathew's 1st piece of artwork. It's a paper plate artfully splattered with a mixture of bingo dot markers. It's is pretty cool. I love it!

On another note about Friday: it was my last day of breastfeeding. I'm not depressed or sad, the time has just come. One main reason, was my raw, tortured nipple. He didn't bite, he just sucked so hard, it got Among other reasons, I just felt the time was right. 11 months, I did good!

Before I go to write my next blog, let me leave you with a Dr. Seuss quote (just finished reading "One fish two fish redfish blue fish" to Mathew):
from there to here,
from here to there,
funny things
are everywhere.

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