Monday, July 30, 2007

Seven Prayers

I came across one of my journals this morning and found seven specific prayers written haphazardly yet intentionally. They came from a book I read many, many moons ago, Seven Prayers That Can Change Your Life, by Leonard Felder. It's a cross between self-help and religious/spiritual. The prayers are based from the Jewish faith. As most of you know about me, I am not religious. I believe in humanity and spirituality. However, from religion I can enliven my spirituality and personal beliefs. From what I remember, I found these prayers to be spiritual and meditative like (mostly if you read the chapters along with them). Let me share the seven prayers jotted down and you can determine for yourself.

Here's a prayer:
1. To start each morning –
"I am so thankful in front of you, Ruling Force of Life and Existence, who restores and renews my soul with compassion. You are dependable beyond measure."

2. To help you refocus –
"Blessed are You, the Eternal One, Pulsing Source of all that exists in the world, who guides us on ways to become holy, and who inspires us to lift our hands (to raise up our actions and be of service)."

3. To resolve tension and misunderstanding
"May the One bless you and safeguard you. May the One illuminate your way and be gracious unto you. May the One raise up in your direction and encourage you and give you a sense of wholeness and peace."

4. So you can unwind and find peace
"Blessed are You, Eternal One, Energy source of the universe, who brings fourth bread from the Earth…"

"Through whose expression everything came to be."

5. To help heal the body and soul
"May the source who blesses our ancestors…send speedily a complete recovery from heaven…a recovery of the spirit and a recovery of the body."

6. For breaking free from a habit
"I place the Eternal before me always."

7. To help end the day
"Help us, Eternal One, to lie down in peace, and to rise up, our Ruling Force to life. Spread over us the sheltered covering of your peace and wholeness…"

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Are you open to the idea...any idea?

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