Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Better than Good

It's now been a year since my now ex-husband left me. And I've never felt better. I am in this zone of complete empowerment. This amazing feeling was never more solidified than after I hired a financial advisor. I had no intentions of hiring a financial advisor. She just came into my life unexpectedly and well I jumped in on the opportunity. The end result was not just financial actions towards my future goals, but a feeling of complete and utter control of my life and my future! Wow! I've got control, power, independence, freedom, I loves it! I don't need a rich man; I don't need a man at all for that matter. I am so liberated, I don't know if any of you can understand.

It's this amazing realization that I can do it all and do it all on my own. And the biggest fulfillment and recognition is that I have been for over a year now. Duh? It only took me long enough to notice.

I've been a single mother (in all that it entails)
Giving Mathew all that he needs and more
Working full time
Doing laundry
Paying the bills

And what I am really proud of is that I have rediscovered and made the time for the things that make me truly happy in life:

Making memories with friends and family
Playing racquetball
Even playing a round of golf
Oh and dancing on a pole…LOL

A year ago, I was in the worst torrential storm of my life. But the storm has passed and the sun is shining down on me. I am finally starting to see what all my friends were talking about. I AM strong even when I do cry! And I know I still have many struggles ahead of me, but I believe in myself; it won't stop me or bring me down. I am me and I am proud!!! I am proudest of being a mom!

To all my friends who believed in me and gave me the courage to carry on…I love you and thank you with all my heart!!!

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I hope everyone has a fun-tastic and safe 4th! I got no plans yet…can I crash on your plans?

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