Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Desires

Warning: this blog contains explicit content not suitable for children under 18 or any of my family members.

I am reminded tonight that no amount of time spent using adult battery operated toys or shower heads can replace the moments between two people who are crazy about each other.

his wet tongue sliding across my lips. his strong hand gripping the back of my neck. his feathery fingertips along my shoulders and down the small of my back. his hot breath tickling my ears. the nibble on my lobe, the nipping on my neck sending shivers of desire deep inside my body. the panting sounds of excitement. the slow downward progression down my belly. lollipop licks and strawberry kisses between my thighs. his finger and tongue playing musical instruments on me. as the music builds my legs stiffen like a board, my whole body clenching as the masterpiece climaxes. our clammy bodies yearning in perfect harmony. the mixture of stiffness and moisture blend incredibly smoothly. the two merge as one. the moments of eye contact connecting us deeper. the end is near but not nearly over. the smells inducing more passion. the intense bond gaining speed, culminating for the pinnacle moment. total orgasmic release. we're both sprawled out in amazement, breathing deeply, smiling, glowing, eyes fluttering into restful peace.

No, you can't get that with a toy. Wow! I'm either really horny or just truly longing for someone that can provide me with deep, passionate, loving emotions that last beyond the moments described above.

Before I go let me leave you with this:
I like to sleep under the covers with my feet sticking out of the blankets. My feet don't like to feel claustrophobic.

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