Friday, June 15, 2007


So in the last 2 days, I've had 3 friends tell me they "admire" me. What are they thinking? I don't see what they see. And let me preface the next statement by saying, I'm not writing this to solicit more compliments, seriously! It's just that I don't see these strengths that my friends seem to point out. I tend to take the compliments as fibs or worse yet, as pity compliments…since they are usually told to me when I am in need of uplifting.

Are my friends just being supportive and helping me back on my feet by being complimentary? Or do my friends feel sorry for my life and how it turned out that they think 'I'm glad it's not me, I couldn't do it'?

So what, I'm a single mother. Is it hard? Yes! But it is what it is. It doesn't make me admirable or strong. It just makes me a single mother. My life isn't any better or commendably different than the next single non-parent. When you are put in a difficult situation in life, you just deal with it, you live, you move on. Don't pity me for being a single-parent. Don't admire me for being a single mother just because you don't think you could do it.

I just don't think I'm strong enough at times. I hurt inside always. I cry outside frequently. I stress out a lot. I worry all the time. I'm financially broke. I feel lonely. Yet strangely, I love my life and could not ask for anything more, or am I fooling myself?

I guess I don't take the compliments too well, huh?

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
High school is like taxes, we're doomed to repeat it year after year

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