Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going up?

This afternoon you would have found me at the gym running on a treadmill located on the third floor near the elevator. I was astounded to see the number of gym goers who were using the elevator. We are at a gym and people were using the elevator…what is wrong with that picture? To me it was a little absurd to say the least. Are we so hell bent on convenience and fast pace lifestyles that we are willing to become a bunch of lazy fat imbeciles for it? Not me, no thanks! It also kills me when people use the elevator to or from the second floor. Understandable when the stairs are some dimly lit, urine infested, decrepit hole in the wall. But where I work, it's no where near understandable. Not only are the stairs conveniently located as you walk into the building, but they are actually in a beautiful location where the sun beams down through the atrium windows. Yet, as I go in the elevator to the fourth floor (yes I should probably use the stairs more often), but how dare someone who is only using it to and from the second floor. Come on people! These are the same people who probably complain about their weight and health. Well duh, if you're that lazy to take the elevator to the second floor or while you are the GYM, you have no right to complain as if you are cursed by bad fat genes? Maybe this all too easy for me to say, being that I am of a petite figure. Or maybe not since I do use the stairs at the gym all the time, occasionally at work to the 4th floor too (depending on the shoes I'm wearing – forget about it if I'm wearing heels). I do watch what I eat (no fast food and minimal junk, if any), work out in the gym (among other physical activities), and maintain a healthy mind. I don't know…your thoughts on elevator laziness?

On a side note, I did some rock climbing at the gym today. That was fun and a really good workout.

Before I go to sleep (and yes I'm up past my bedtime), let me leave you with this:
There are echoes of my son's voice in my house. He safely landed in Boston, yet I can hear him as if her were just a room away. I miss my little booger!

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