Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Our homecoming:

The hugs were not just hugs. They were warm and inviting. They were comforting and loving. They were right where we belong, in each other's arms.

The kisses were not just kisses. They were open mouth and funny. They were many and all over. They were perfectly fit, kiss to kiss.

The smiling was not just smiling. They were glowing and happy. They were sparkling and permanently fixed. They were so glad to be back home smiles.

The playing was not just playing. They were silly and giggly. They were rolling and swaying wrapped tight in each other. They were back were they belong.

The stares were not just stares. They were gazing in amazement. They were pride and joy. They were never leave me again, I want you by my side always.

The sleeping was not just sleeping. They were tossing and turning. They were up and about. They were wanting more of you and can I sleep with you tears?

The morning was not just morning. It was sunshine and happiness. It was tender and cuddly. It was a welcoming wake up call face to face.

Life is back to normal.
Life is good.

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Mathew wasn't too thrilled to go back to school. It was almost as if he forgot how much fun he has there. He did not want me to leave him. It melted my heart. After almost 30 minutes, I had to leave though. So we said our usual good-byes, the teacher picked him up, and I heard his cries all the way down the hall. And that's when my heart ached.

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