Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Labels, what are they good for?

Labels tell you what's inside, what's not included and what to expect. Labels are everywhere: cans, billboards, commercials, purses and clothes, offices, cleaning supplies, computers, mail, pretty much anything you can think of is a label. Labels are used for branding, diagnosing, religion, personal achievements, categorizing ourselves...

...and labels are used in relationships; seeing each other, dating, going out, boyfriend, girlfriend, exclusive, couple, fuck buddies, etc. Some would argue that labels in relationships are overrated or place unnecessary pressure on a relationship. On the contrary, I think labels can help to shed light to your relationship. The label does not have to be the end all. It doesn't create the relationship. The label creates an understanding, a verbal mutual agreement. It indicates a certain level of commitment. Without labels, all you have is a vague/ambiguous relationship. So just call it what it is! (unless of course you fear commitment?)

This does not go without saying that words, labels, promises, and commitments are only as meaningful as someone takes them seriously and abides by them. But isn't that the point of a relationship, trust?

I'm ready for a solid relationship, but still a little hesitant, yet definitely want to be exclusive. I'm in no rush, but when it's there I won't be afraid to call it what it is!

Also, let me just end by saying that I don't agree that all labeling is good. Labels can rob an individual of their uniqueness. Labels can establish a sense of false identity and status. It is only human nature to classify and organize things, even if it is to our own detriment.

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Two things I currently love that don't involve my son: racquetball and dancing! I go dancing every Wednesday night and play racquetball 2-3 days a week. They are both great workouts and I have so much fun. I'm always smiling, laughing, and simply enjoying myself. It's really the only thing I've been doing these days that seem to be just for me! And while doing it, I'm so consumed in the activity that the whole drama of life eludes me (even if it's momentary). I'm passionately addicted to both. Plus, I'm getting really goooood at both!

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