Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Heart vs. Mind

Do you ever feel like your heart and mind are in constant battle with each other?
Your heart tells you to do one thing, but than your mind justifies why you shouldn't. You agree with your mind, and don't do what you originally intended to. But then you are afraid that the heart was right to begin with. But of course, listening to the heart makes you more vulnerable. So your mind tells you to protect yourself so you don't get hurt. All the while, you are still hurting a little inside for not following your heart to begin with. My mind tells me to let go, give up, but then my heart starts to tingle and play tricks on me. Or is it my mind playing tricks on me? What do you do? How do you know? Maybe it's more important to follow my mind at this time in my life. And when I'm ready to follow my heart, I will. OR maybe I'm just scared chicken shit! Because ultimately, I know it's my heart I should always follow.

Don't you just wish, you can just look into a crystal ball that tells you to follow your heart or not?

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Am I lost or just changed forever? I used to be the person who always says to follow your heart, risk the hurt for the possibility of great love, even if lost in the end, the person who believes in true love...where did she go? I now follow my practical, complex mind. And, it's this mind that has made a mess of me in this dating world. Damn you, mind! Why do you have to play tricks on me? I'm sorry I didn't follow my heart more (you know who you are out there…I'm talking to you!). If I only had a crystal ball, huh? Maybe, you were right, it was just a timing thing. Either way, my mind sucks right now!

Will I find my way back or will I fall deeper into this fear-driven black hole?

I would like to believe this is just temporary! It will pass! I will embrace love and follow my heart some day. I believe I will find my way! How? I HAVE NO IDEA!

Heart vs. Mind
My mind is winning, but my heart is losing!

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