Thursday, April 12, 2007

Click Daily, It's Free!

Did you know with just a click of the mouse once a day, you can help?

You can help 365 days of the year to:

• fund free mammograms
• fund food for animals
• preserve endangered land
• fund books for kids
• fund healthcare for children
• feed the hungry
Click These Buttons Daily To Give, it's free!

The Breast Cancer Site

The Animal Rescue Site

The Rainforest Site

The Literacy Site

The Child Health Site

The Hunger Site

Please remember to click these links and spread the word. Every click can make a difference!

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable in receiving.
~ Albert Einstein

P.S. Are you a giver or a receiver?

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