Friday, October 27, 2006

I love being a mommy!

Today marked a developmental milestone for Mathew. To most of you this story will seem so trivial and inconsequential. But to me, it was amazing.

Mathew and I were in his room with the doors closed. The lights were off but there was an evening glow from the street light right outside his window. I just bathed him so his hair had that fresh Johnson & Johnson smell. I was sitting in his little blue denim chair that he got for his birthday from his auntie in Boston. Next to this chair is my leather recliner chair, which is being used less and less. So it's that time of the night that I read him a book. For the most part, he doesn't really pay attention. I would always think that my voice was just background noise or a nuisance. As I read him a story, he riffles through the pages of other books just for the pictures, (typical man). Rarely does he sit still long enough to sit on my lap. Tonight, though, he approached me for a lap request. So as he was flipping pages through the book, I was reading the book out loud (with him sitting on my lap). We read the book about 2 times. Here comes the good part. So he skootches off my lap, almost head first until I realized he wanted off my lap. So I thought "well there's the end of that nice moment." Instead, he walked over to his book collection, picked out another book, carried it back and handed it to me, and signaled for the pick me up on your lap move. In that moment, I felt astonished, amazed, and proud. There were so many things about that moment that I loved. I don't know if I can describe it well enough to give you the slightest sentiment of that moment. I loved that he wanted me to read another book. I loved that he knew to get off my lap to pick another book. I loved that he knew to bring it back to me so I would read it to him. I love that he knew how to communicate to me. I loved that he wanted to go back on my lap. I love that he loves reading time. After all this time, I thought he didn't care about reading time. I love that he is such a loving boy. By the end of the 2nd book, the 2nd time around, he was leaning his head against my chest in the nook of my shoulder. That was so special. You see, he doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore (for a while now). And I miss that. So now instead we share special moments like this. I love that this is just the beginning of many more special moments. So little, yet so amazing! I love Mathew!

Before I go, let me share other moments that melt my heart:
I love when Mathew opens his mouth and leans in to kiss me out of nowhere.
I love when he wobbles his way towards me just to give me this great big hug and then goes back about his business.
I love the look on his face when he first spots me at school to pick him up. His face lights up, he smiles hugely, and he runs head down towards me.
I love it when he laughs after I do something silly.
I love it when he tries to get my attention by giving me an airborne zerbert.
I love the silly faces he makes when I take out the camera.
I can go on so let me just finish by saying:
I love being a mommy!

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