Thursday, October 26, 2006


Definitions for understanding this blog:
World = people and all man made things
Earth = Mother Nature and all things natural

Ever want to just disconnect?

Today I want to disconnect from this world. Escape all senses of reality. No emotions. No feelings. No responsibilities. No world around me. Just me with nothing and earth. I want to disconnect from the world around me, but absorb the earth itself. Absorb nature, beauty and all its natural possessions. Too many distractions; like earthlings, technology, and cars. Walked tonight to escape and disconnect. I just wanted peace, silence, solitude, nothingness. Just Disconnect. Absorb sunset of orange and pink, admire looming rain clouds and a crescent moon, hear birds chirping, and watch water ripples from the crisp breeze and sense the coolness on my skin... Yet, with all of that, there's just no leaving this world. It's just always there. Interrupted by the beeps from construction trucks in reverse. Cars and loud bikes. Horns and sirens. And earthlings!!! Can you really ever disconnect from the world or are you always bound to this world with all its earthlings till death? For life? Ironic how in this world we (earthlings) create this ceremonious binding contract called marriage and announce our love "till death do us part" as if it has any meaning or value. What value does it have if you can easily disconnect in a marriage, it's called a divorce. But this earth we live the only true binding contract we will ever enter "till death do us part" (even if not by choice). Yet, we ruin earth by trying to make it our own world, forgetting it's not for ours to keep. We never appreciate the little intricacies of earth, Mother Nature. Mother Nature never divorces us, never deserts's all around us. The unconditional love that exists is in everything around us. Take a moment to disconnect from this world and reconnect with this earth.

All I need is fleeting moments of disconnect. Not a divorce from this world, just moments of escape. Are there too many distractions? Maybe in Hawaii I will find my disconnect. If not, I always have it in my mind.

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I had an emotional day.
Deep breaths
Long talks
Looking for my 30 minutes of disconnect

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