Sunday, March 26, 2006

How Rude!

Today's shopping experience at Sawgrass, Target, and Publix. Let me add, I walk the aisles with a wide load stroller, whose wheels have a mind of their own.

First off, why is it that you think you can just stop in the middle of the aisles and not be considerate of others who are trying to go by? Do you think you walk this earth alone?

Do you pretend not to hear me when I say excuse me or are you just trying to be a rude bitch?

For the worker at Target who was pushing a wide flat bed cart. What made you think to stop the wide flat bed cart right in FRONT of me to help someone who was 2 aisles behind me. Did you not see me???? The stroller is not invisible. You must have thought I had super powers and would be able to get by the wide flat bed cart. Thanks for making me go around the entire aisle!

And you: I'm sorry, did you not see me there in the lane next to you? I'm only driving a big SUV! Oh and I see your blinkers must not be working either? Do you actually think your car is the only one on this road? I know it's Sunday morning, but really?

Lastly, to the lady that sold me my hot dog today. Are you a moron? You sell me a hotdog and fail to mention you are out of ketchup! But you can't wait to mention after the fact that you have mustard and mayonnaise. Mayonnaise????

I'm not saying I'm perfect. All I'm saying is that we live in such a fast pace society where people are in such a rush they forget that other people around them are in a rush too! MOVE!!!!!

Before I go, let me leave you with one thought:
What goes around comes around so be nice to your neighbor (and mothers with strollers)!

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