Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Sound of Rain

The steady stream of water falling down has drowned my ears all day long.
If my ears could talk, what would they say?
Horizontal rain slams into the windows.
Thundering drum rolls wavering in the air.
Wind shrieks through the trees and breezeways.
Crashing waves plunge into the street gutters from the squealing tires.
Rain drops drip into puddles.
Soft ringing wind chimes howling from the wind.
Dribbling sounds of pitter patter from the left over rain drops hanging on the leaves.
The constant sounds of rain surround me.
My mood is drab.
The sun has not peaked out.
It's hiding from the world today.
The day is dreadfully slow.
And its starting to get to me.
I'm in the mood to do nothing now.
My ears yearn for silence.
Yet, the sounds are so inviting.
Inviting to that comfy cozy feeling bundled up next to the one you love (or a good book).

Had to come back and add my last thought (since I forgot)...the before I go, let me leave you with this part:
I always know when it's going to rain or cold outside; my arthritis starts acting up, especially in my knees.

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