Wednesday, May 3, 2006


** 2 star review

Tiki bar style bar, gardens, waterfalls and more. Beautiful scenery if you could see it behind the dying night light. The drinks were delicious. Tahitian Breeze, sweet and strong. Who needs Happy Hour (2 for 1) with these drinks, one will do the trick. After two sips, I was buzzing high. The food was mediocre at best. The appetizers were bland. The sauces were tasteless. The meal was buried under snow peas. The server was weird. He was overly friendly and used too many adjectives. He seemed insincere. The show was nice, and I remember laughing a lot. It was either because of the performers funny faces or what they were doing was just funny looking. Either way I laughed a lot. Then we got the bill, not so funny! We actually did have a good time despite the restaurant choice. Maybe because we were just both drunk.

This restaurant was a one-time experience, a tourist trap, and a rip-off. Not recommended.

Before I go play cribbage, let me leave you with a shout out:
Thank you to Philippe and Doralyn for watching Mathew. I hope you'll want to do it again. Go Heat!

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