Friday, May 26, 2006


Earlier this week, my milk supply started diminishing. Stress, skipping my pumping sessions probably all didnt help. I started feeling depressed about it and realized I really want to continue breastfeeding. Ive always said I wanted to for at least one year, but it hit me that I really, really wanted to. Does that make sense? Its like you dont know what you have until its gone. Well, as soon as I was losing the milk, I was feeling sad, disappointed, and depressed. I did some research (like I always do Im a dork like that). I found an herb called Fenugreek, which according to ancient myths, it helps increase breast milk production. I started my first dose last night. I am not ready to give up breastfeeding yet. Since last night, Ive already noticed an increase in the milk production. Im feeling optimistic that I will get to continue breastfeeding whereas two nights ago I was preparing myself for the devastation of the disconnect between mother and child, of having to turn to formula yuk! It looks like I wont have to worry about that now.

I am thankful for herbal remedies! Isn't this earth the best? This just reaffirms my beliefs that the earth (organic) is best! Trust me I'm not fanatical to say the least, but I am aware of my choices.

Before I go for my first therapy session ever, let me leave you with this excerpt from an article I was reading today:

Marriage is not a fairy tale. The love you share with your mate will change over time. What you need out of your relationship will change over time. The excitement will eventually wear off. Your patience and devotion will be tested. Marriage requires you to give of yourself, to make sacrifices, and to admit when you are wrong. It requires you to forgive when you really don't want to, and to keep on trying no matter how hard you want to give up. It takes dedication, commitment, honesty, and effort to make a marriage last. There is no magic formula to making a marriage work. Many people enter a marriage expecting their partner to make them "happy" or "complete". However, only you can be held responsible for your own happiness. By taking the time to think about your future and sharing your thoughts with your partner, you have already taken the first step in making sure your relationship can stand the test of time.

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