Tuesday, May 23, 2006


This was last night's blog, but was unable to post it. That was frustrating, so I decided to wait until morning to post it. So here it goes:

I learned a new word today, Billow.
My friend, Lauren, liked my billowy blouse.

To surge or roll in billows; like a wave in the ocean.
To swell out or bulge; like sheets billowing in the breeze.

I hope this word was a new one for you too!

Before I go bake cupcakes, let me leave you with this:
Ever notice that men are really from Mars and women are from Venus? Men are just emotionally inept. They are so out of tune. I'm sure men would say we don't get it either. If you could choose, which planet would you want to come from? I would still want to come from Venus even knowing what I know now.

P.S. This morning I am pissed off at a colleague. She wanted to take over a major function from my position, behind my back. She went right to the boss. What a bitch! Thankfully, the boss is on my side. HA! But the nerve of her! I could go on about this, but I won't. Just know that she's a bleeping bitch!

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