Friday, January 22, 2010

it's a boy

an unsettling feeling came over me
my thoughts yanked in every direction

a pitiful feeling enters my gut
for innocence shouldn't be taken lightly

a smirk peeking through my lips
as i visualize the irony of it all

my skin turns green in envy
as i wonder how is this fair

laughter billows in the deep parts of my belly
cause it's just too darn funny

my shoulders sunken with sadness
as i foreshadow the worries of the future

peace flows through my veins
as divine justice is served

happiness exudes through my gait
as i remember all the joys in my life

the unsettling feeling that came over me
mixed with an array of emotions
came to an end with a smile
mathew now has another half-sibling

i have all that i can ever ask for, all i ever need


Deboshree said...

Lovely babe!

The mixture of so many emotions, isn't that so human and so beautiful at the same time? I'm happy for your son 'coz he has such a wonderful mother!


Southpaw said...

very nice

sol said...

thank you ladies!! :-)

just an update...I added one line to it, as to be clear.
Mathew now has a half-brother

Anonymous said...



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