Monday, January 18, 2010

happy alone

happy alone

don't need another half to make me whole
don't need a prince charming for my happily ever after
don't need to be someone else's trophy to feel good
don't need you to make my dreams come true
don't need a baby daddy
don't need a hero to save me
don't need you to complete me

I'm not saying I don't want to fall in love, cause I would...

right now...
I'm broadcasting my independence
I'm rejoicing in my freedom
I'm living my life, my way

and some day, I will love again, but for right now...
I'm happy alone


septembermom said...

Love "I'm broadcasting my independence, I'm rejoicing in my freedom". You are awesome!! Love all the positive vibe flowing from this post. Good for you!!

Sara Louise said...

I wish I had realized that the secret to happiness was to be happy alone earlier, like in my twenties. But, in the last couple of years, me, myself, and I have had some great times together and just when we were truly getting our swerve on, BAM the Boyfriend showed up.

Southpaw said...

Very few people ever achieve this knowledge, but once your do it is the gold. If you’re happy, it just makes other people happy too.

sol said...

Thanks Kelly, Sara, and Holly! :)

I've removed myself from my second attempt to online dating. It was short-lived and just so NOT worth it! No more online dating for me! I'll take my chances with natural occurrences.

Anonymous said...

I'm a loner but I'm never alone. But I l do like my solitude, even in the midst of people, commotion, shouting, TV in the background, and such. Its a gift as I view it. Although my wife may tell me I'm ignoring her.

Stephen Tremp

sol said...

Hi Stephen...HAHAHA, you made me laugh. I think in any healthy relationship, you need alone time. I know I'm a better mom because of it, and that's a fact! your comment reminded me of a blog I wrote earlier last year, only cause I feel like a loner sometimes too!! The blog is called: Lonely Loser:
check it out, if you want!

thanks for peeking in and following...I'm off to check out your blog now !!

Marie said...

Wow thats inspiring....we all need to find what makes us truly happy.
I love your blog.

sol said...

THANK YOU Marie!!!! Hope you stick around and read and share some more...

Just read some of your poetry entires...I am really intrigued! Thanks for finding me...and giving me the opportunity to have found you!

TheUndertaker said...

Amen to THAT poem girl... From another solo mum who is recovering and healing and getting on with it.
I see u are in Florida, which explains the humidity! Funny about Lake Placid (inside joke we will call that one). Take care

Anonymous said...

A BIG Kudos to you for claiming your independence! I count myself as a loner but I'm happy with that. Yes I'd like to have a good mate someday but right now I'm focusing on self. Relationships are work and I have enough of that being a mom. You're beautiful, witty and intelligent. You will have a prince charming who will make up for the ones who did not appreciate you :)

Anonymous said...

PS: Yes I read The Alchemist and enjoyed it! Thanks for the other book recs.

sol said...

Thank you lovely ladies (Sharla, Undertaker)!! I think you both are wonderful too and so appreciate your support! Undertaker, haven't caught your real name yet...!? Will you share?

I'm so happy that I've found all of you on this blogosphere (the two above mentioned, kelly, sara, ellen, ...i feel a sisterhood growing here! love it! :)

septembermom said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on my post about my sensitive gang. You're a real sweetheart :)Happy Friday!!

Deboshree said...

*me claps loudly and cheers for this lovely lady!! wooo hooo!!*

I love your attitude towards life!! You're amazing!It is this attitude of yours which will give you the best life has to offer because when you will love, it will be because you WANT to, not because you NEED to.
Keep up the spirit!!



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