Monday, November 16, 2009

unlimited texts

out of the blue
ding ding ding

a short message service
a note of sweetness

the smile on your face grows
and your heart pumps faster

one message after another
it gets carried away

from hello sunshine
to what are you wearing

in partial shock
with a twist of excitement

not sure how to respond
you uncover an inner naughty side

details shared of your intentioned moves
arousing yourself in the process

pop ups keep chiming
and body parts are buzzing

back and forth, slow and fast
dirty words exchanged

our desires obscenely expressed
as our fingers click away

black sounds fill the screen
as rich in tone as your voice

I want yous
and oh the things I'll do to you

teasing and suggestive
unrefined and x-rated

only building the suspense
for another insurmountable night

and even if they are just words...
they are words worth having an unlimited text plan


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