Monday, November 23, 2009

the lightning storm

when the knock finally arrived
a force of energy jolted inside of me
as I opened the door, this stunning beam of light hits me
our connection igniting a fire in our eyes

it was just a brief gaze
before her long legs swayed past me
my mind all fuzzy with electricity
but my desires thundering clearly
I pull her in close and feel the heat rising

before words were spoken
our lips charged firmly
hands moving ecstatically
and in a flash we were in the middle of a storm

lace panties around her thighs
skirt hiked up to her waist
stiletto heels gravitating off the tile floor
sparks flying in my living room

as I lay her over the arm rest
she's looking back at me with arousing flurry
her eyes lock in with mine
as I penetrate with a force of love

my thunderbolt of passion
firmly gliding through her wet trail
we crash into each other
causing the floor to shake beneath us

enraptured by her reckless abandonment
my hands entwine in her hair
and around her art adorning neck
her mouth opened in graceful haste
I can hear passion in her breath

as we make our way around the room
the sun is sinking deeper
her silhouette sparkling in its reflection
I lower her down beside me

the calm before the orgasmic storm
conducting a slow stirring movement
magnetic energy pulsing inside
ending with an abrupt electric discharge

leaving us breathing heavily
with drops of sweat trickling down
exhilarating smiles are exchanged
the storm has passed
words finally spoken...



Kristina said...

Compile all these together, add a little storyline and yuo got yourself a steamy romance novel!

sol said...

tee hee...neh, I'm just on a sexually driven roll! :) Thanks girl!

insomniac ellen said...

haven't heard from you in awhile Nancy--hope all is well. I know this time of year is especially tough. I am sending positive energy your way....


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