Wednesday, November 11, 2009

adrenaline rush

adrenaline rush

it all started when
he placed his hand ever so inconspicuously on her knee
then sliding down her inner thigh
stimulating her heartbeat
she glances over
his confidence allures her in
she bites her bottom lip with visuals running wildly through her mind
he presses firmly with appetite
her eyes close and she breathes deeply
he's throbbing in excitement while concentrating on the road
the yearning heats up
her nerves dissipate
she grabs the back of his neck roughly
his hand seducing her valley
she squirms in delight and excretes in desire
their hunger reaching full capacity
it's only a matter of time
they meet for momentary kisses
she unbuckles to move in closer
nibbles on his ear
while her hand wanders over his enticing body
she finds a firm package waiting for her, wanting her
the moment intensifies
it's warm and inviting
enraptured in the moment
forgetting the world around
they reach their destination
with adrenaline coursing through their veins
without letting a moment pass by
they begin the climb to ecstasy
two lovers
exploring each other
discovering new senses
intoxicated by passion
leaving them with an erotic day of blissful euphoria...

days later, the adrenaline rush is still kicking in with cravings and wet dreams for more.



insomniac ellen said...

oh my--I have the vay-pahs.... [and now I want a little sumpin-sumpin and I'm stuck at work]

very evocative imagery.

sol said...

lol...thanks ellen! :P

Gloria said...

OMG . . off to have a cold shower . . or maybe call hubby home early!!!!! Fantasticly erotic;-O

Sol, She Poet is back in a new blog. Come look at my blog . . . .

Anonymous said...

Hello Sol :) Thanks for joining my new blog and I must say what a hot post! So many erotically woven images. Sheesh, wish I had me a man ;D The last line, I'm speechless.

Have a blessed week~

sol said...

Thank you Gloria and She Poet!!! :P

Gloria is lucky to have a permanent man in her life...She Poet and I only write about them...for now ;)

Gloria was kind of enough to show me the way to She Poets new blog....Thank you! I love your blogs ladies!!! keep em coming!


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