Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm parched

It’s been a dry 10 months…my longest dry spell since I was 18 years old. And I’m parched!

I keep telling myself I’m not interested in the casual deed anymore. I’m interested in a deep, emotional connection. Well duh, no wonder I’m parched! And yes, I do use my battery operated toys. And while they do the job, they don’t satisfy quite the way a real, warm body can. Yet, I seem to think I need more than just a real warm body, I need a real warm body with emotion and attachments. OMG…am I really becoming “that” woman…complicated, needy? Help me!

What once was a sweet, no string attached event now seems to be a complicated event with emotions (and non-existent too, I might add). So, at this point the blog can carry on about all the psychological reasons I’m avoiding relations and men, but let’s not go there for the sake of the short-attention span readers.

If given the opportunity, would I take the no string act? Would I quench my thirst on a meaningless, fleeting moment to only be longing for more? Would I buy a cheap, knock off purse to hold me off until I can get the real one? It’s quite possible, especially if the beverage is irresistible and the knock off looked really good!

I’m thirsty for some action, but I’m truly craving for so much more!

Before I go, let me leave you with a warning:
Don’t offer me any drinks or knock-offs! This blog is not intended to receive offers nor should any reader exploit my cravings and current state of weakness. I will see right through you!

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JW said...

Sol O sol, you are a real woman..


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