Sunday, July 26, 2009

Am I?

am I too hopeful to expect the best?

am I too confident that things will go my way?

am I too arrogant to believe I'm worth it?

am I too assuming that I will have another chance?

am I too much of a dreamer that my reality will never live up?

am I too emotional to be understood?

am I too in love with love for love to love me back?

am I too naive to believe I can have it all?

am I too much of an idealist that all I have to offer will all just be wasted away?


am I just too hopeless and crazy?


1 comment:

feather said...

No Sol. You are not too arrogant, foolish, naive, emotional, and everything else you can think of to make yourself feel worse. You are merely being careful and optomistic. When it is time, it will be undeniable and will feel delicious.


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