Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Iced Café Mocha

I had my first "ever" Iced Coffee. I know, where have I been all these years?!

It was a hot summer July day in New York City. I was out walking, window shopping, site seeing, and just enjoying the solitude. It was a long day in the heat and I was not about to take a nap and miss precious hours in NYC. I turned to the idea of my trusty method of cuban coffee or espresso. It always works like a charm. However, the thought of a hot coffee was not appealing to me in any way. After passing my millionth Starbucks, I decided to walk in and attempt to find an iced coffee with the benefits of espresso shots and a satisfying and refreshing coolness. So after talking to the wonderful server, who helped me figure out what I was looking for, I ordered an Iced Café Mocha, light on the whip cream. YUMMY!!! It was delicious! So now I'm officially hooked. I had two more that weekend. To my Starbuck addicted friends...I understand!

So here I am in sunny Florida, working late in my office tonight. I knew just what I Iced Café Mocha. And yes, there is a Starbucks on campus. So I take a stroll to the Starbucks. My mind is swirling on the idea of cold, refreshing espresso, mocha syrup, whipped cream...mmmm. I am lusting for this drink. I make the corner...aaaaand the Starbucks is closed due to short summer hours...Noooo!!! I need my fix! How am I supposed to make it through my day? So now, I wish I was in NYC with the million Starbucks, with two on every block (no joke). Que Sadness! * big heavy sigh*

So, I settle back into my office (sweating from the trek, UGH) and decide to fight through my day sans espresso, sans my new caffeine fix: Iced Café Mocha. An hour of annoying craving deprivation, I decided to book an appointment for one of my favorite necessary indulgences...a therapeutic massage. Luckily, an appointment was available…ahhh! *sigh of relief*

I'm still craving my Iced Café Mocha though!!!


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Sol said...

just had an iced cafe wonder I made it through the weekend in NYC with very little sleep...holy sh*t...I'm WIRED!!!! LOL!

*Note to self * I am highly hyper sensitive!!*


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