Friday, September 1, 2006


So this morning, I fell down the stairs! Landed on my knee (peeled off some skin), hit my thigh on the corner of a frame, and then finally landed on my ass cheek. I was in pain and I wanted to cry. But all I could think of was "That's going to leave a mark!" I just laughed, walked it off, and iced it, and then went back to doing what I was trying to do (getting Mathew his morning bottle of milk). That's what I get for not breastfeeding him anymore. Haha!

This is not my only incident in this new house, oh no there's more:
- peeled skin off of my finger from the garage door lock
- fingers got caught in the side door because it swings shut automatically
- Slammed my lower back up against the dining room table (still have the bruise and mark to show for it)
- Shins got bruised real bad from the bed frame
I'm sure there is more that I just don't even remember. This is so typical of me. I walk into walls, my shoulder bangs into doorways, my thighs find the corners of tables, and my shins find small furniture. I'm a klutz! And I find it funny! I can laugh at myself.

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Isn't it amazing how we all have completely different memories of the same exact event? We all have different interpretations of reality. We filter our reality by our own experiences, values, and expectations. I believe the best way to understand other people is to understand that each of us perceives events in our lives differently. Recognize the power of perception!

I wear rose-tinted glasses to filter my reality! How about you?

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