Thursday, April 22, 2010

It ain't easy being a green

I try to be green, but as Kermit would say it's not easy being green. here's a link I found that gives you 50 ways to help Planet Earth. it's the little things that count ;)

I use my dishwasher without the heat dry. I let the items air dry. Did you know that using your dishwasher uses less water than washing your dinnerware by hand? I've steered away from paper plates and plastic ware. (Yes, even with a 4 year old). Mathew mostly uses my dinnerware set, not the kiddie kinds. I try to use less napkins and paper towels, by using towels more. I no longer have a never ending plastic bag supply. I use re-usable bags, even at Target and Wal-Mart. I no longer use the paper bags at Publix to store my recycling. I just toss the paper and plastic in the city bin. I re-use gift bags. I shop more online. I no longer buy bottled water. I use a coffee mug and/or starbucks thermos at work for tea and water. I plug my lap top, cell phone charger, toaster oven, and vacuum sealer only when I use them. I replaced all my bulbs with those compact fluorescent bulbs. I limit the use of my household lights, by using windows and candles(it's my preference anyway). I use rechargeable batteries for Mathew's toys, our remotes, and more. I use the cold cycle to wash our clothes. I hang dry when possible and use the dryer at small increments. I make Mathew take more showers than baths now. I use the day timer for my thermostat. I check the air in my tires every other tank fill up. I recycle all my paper at work. I reuse back sides of paper. I signed up on to stop receiving unwanted catalogs in the mail. I signed up for e-bills. I use my cruise control whenever possible. I donate my unwanted household, clothing, and toy items. I'm sure I'm missing other stuff, but I'm conscious of my actions and how they affect my planet earth!

I do the best I can to be GREEN! it's not easy, but it's worth it

Happy Earth Day....Everyday!!!!


septembermom said...

Happy Earth Day sol! You gave me a lot of great ideas today. Thank you :)

Southpaw said...


Sara Louise said...

Thanks Sol, I'm going to check out that site. Every little bit helps :-)

Deboshree said...

Hey love!

You're doing a great job of going green! I don't do half of that!!

Thanks for sharing this with us! Will try and follow them as much as possible!!

Belated Happy Earth Day!!

Much love n hugs,


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