Thursday, May 6, 2010

are you big enough?

I dated.
I loved.
I married.
I mothered.
I divorced.
I dated.
I loved again.
I don't date.
I am a single mom.

In my life lessons, I grew stronger and more independent.
With every passing moment, I wonder if I could let love in again.
I've built a life around me that only needs my two grounded feet.
I know that I (and myself alone) can conquer anything life throws at me.
I've developed a preference to go it alone.
Even as a mother, I am so proud of my son that I don't want to share that parenting responsibility. I'm selfish.
My weakness is my strength.
My downfall is my resolve.
I know I want a life partner, who is my my best friend and my lover.
I don't know that I know how to let love in again.
I just know that I need someone bigger than me.

Are you big enough to be my man?


Owning the Words said...

Well I'm not big enough to be your man :) But I can certainly relate to this post. Sometimes it seems like a vicious cycle. Even though there are hurts and tears along the way, what's important is that you are stronger at the end of it all. I feel the same as you do. Should I let love in again? Why Yes. Through the ups and downs of failed relationships, lessons are learned and you find out what you want and don't want. Of course you will find it again, when you least expect it and he will knock you off your feet.

Thanks for joining my blog, love!

septembermom said...

He's out there! He will find the spark within you that is evident to the thoughtful, discerning man. You're a catch for sure, sol. Don't forget it :)

sol said...

thank you lovely ladies!
I have yet to be appreciated for who I really am in my two big loves in my life. I don't want to ever feel that way again. But I am hopeful there is someone out there for me and I am hopeful I will welcome it with my heart wide open :)


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