Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Mother

Mathew got to fill in the blanks of this form at school:

My Mother

My mother has brown eyes and brown hair.
My mother likes to go to the beach with me.
My mother looks pretty when she puts earrings on.
My mother is funny when she puts makeup on.
I like her to cook scrambled eggs and potatoes in the oven.
I don't like it when she cooks cheese ham sandwich.
She likes for me to help her when she is sick.
When I listen my mother is happy.
When I don't make good choices, she gets mad and sad then she calms down.

I love my mother very much and I know she loves me too!

Love, Mathew

Happy Mother's Day Every Day :)


septembermom said...

He is the sweetest boy! I'm happy when my kids listen too :) Cute picture of the two of you.

Sara Louise said...

Oh my! That just made my womb jump! Adorable, so sweet. :-)

Southpaw said...

"My mother is funny when she puts makeup on."
That is precious!

sol said...

thanks you ladies!
sara louise, you just cracked me up with your womb jumping comment :))

Tabitha Bird said...

Oh, very sweet. Thanks for your comments on my blog :)

Owning the Words said...

This is too cute. I hope you put this in a scrapbook :) And yes, Mother's Day is everyday!

Happy Mother's Day! Relax, pamper yourself and enjoy!


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