Monday, September 14, 2009

Mathew Lines - Part Deux

I've written a blog before with a list of Mathew Lines. The difference now is that these phrases/lines are his own concoctions, derived from shows, school, people, and placed in a unique and proper context. I like to say my child is brilliant...but I know, I'm biased! So here are some more of my favorite Mathew lines from the last few months:

i don't like ugly things; i like pretty things, like you!
you can be my girlfriend and I will be your boyfriend
you're the bestest mom I ever had
i want to take care of things with you
i want to take care of you
you make my heart happy
i missed you so much
i was dreaming about you last night
so, how was your day today?
You are the bestest mom I ever had
i love you to the moon and back
i love you to infinity and beyond
i love you more
i love your hair
I like your skirt (he compliments my outfits, earrings, and more)
i need another hug
i need some more huggins (combination of luvin and hugs)
Mama, I love you

can it really get any better than this?



denise said...

you've got to love the innocents and truthfulness of child.

Kristina said...

I had my Dolphins jersey on yesterday. When I walked into the room, Zack said "Cooool shirt mommy!!!!!"
Zack will say "Let's have a hug!"
Ok, I may have to make a similar list and post it to my blog, sorry to steal your idea!

sol said...

go for it kristina...


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