Friday, January 16, 2009

Mathew Lines

Mathew absorbs everything he hears; conversations, books, tv, movies, and mostly me. I hear/see myself in him. It's unbelievable how much of an adult he can sound sometimes. Here are some lines he's picked up. They are definitely not as cute or funny in text as they are when he says them to me.

I love you sooooo much (with a cutesy voice)
So, did you have a fun day at work?
I'm going to protect you
You're my best friend
mama, that was so nice
mama, I cried for you today.
you hurt my feelings, i'm sad.
good job mama
that was nice sharing with me mama
calm down, mama
it's okay mama
you forgot something kiss!
i need more huggins and luvin!
i sorry; it was an accident
be quiet mama
maybe we can go to the park today
don't yell at me like that
i am a good boy
if i'm not a good boy, i get nothing
you're so proud of me
you're my sweetheart, mama!

his nicknames for me (that he heard me use): mamasita and chica

you should also see how he puts his animals in time out...he sounds exactly like me!! He uses the same methods and words for time out. Essentially, I get to see how I treat him through his fascinating! I learn so much from him.

and yesterday's line was the greatest: we were leaving school and I told him to say good bye to his friends. he told his one friend olivia; "thank you for playing with me today, olivia" Aww....isn't he the sweetest?

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Is it possible to love a second child as much as you love your first?
I won't know until I have another child, but I assume it is extremely possible and probably totally amazing. It's just hard to imagine or fathom the idea of duplicating this kind of love to another little being. Wow! I'm so ready for a second child. I'm going to give this dating thing a few more years before I seek out adoption on the solo.

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Kristina said...

Thats so funny about Mathew, Zack's doing very similar things. He has a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who he puts in timeout. After a little while he goes over and asks if he wants to come out of timeout. Then right on queue he askes Mickey to say sorry and then for a hug and kiss!
And I had your same qualms about loving a second child as much as the first when I found out I was pregnant with Aaron. And YES you love them just as much. Watching the two siblings bond and love each other unconditionally is such a wonderful site, I can't find the right words to describe it. Aaron's eyes light up in the morning when Zack wakes up. And Zack has been hugging and kissing Aaron since we brought him home from the hospital. Dave and I often found ourselves telling Zack to stop making out with his brother!
...on the e-dating sounds like you need to be more selective. Don't be afraid to reject people if they dont want to communicate via email more (or chat room, I'm not sure how the whole online dating stuff works.) Seriously, its time to be about you. If you're not feelin anything, then dont waste your time on them. You have more important things to do than think about someone elses feelings. I hope you find what you're looking for whether its a man or self-contentment!


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