Thursday, January 8, 2009


poem from 8/21/06
from yours truly


as i sit on your lap, you whisper your thoughts to me
your lips accidentally touch my ears
sending shivers down my spine
i feel your warm breath on my neck
making my eyes flutter in ecstasy


as i sit in the passenger seat, you tell me this and that
you smile and laugh
then your hand reaches over to my knee
sending me to heavenly bliss
making me feel like jello


as we sit on a blanket, we watch the sun set
your arms around me from behind
comforts my heart and soul
you can’t help but lean in
and we are now cheek to cheek


as we lay in bed, glowing in delight
i search for your eyes
to dive into your soul and open your heart
i am met with a stare
of your longing for me


as we playfully walk the beach, hand in hand
you squeeze in excitement
causing my body to tremble
our days filled with simple delight
igniting a kid-like smile

i long for your touch
yearn for your smile
hunger for your thoughts
crave for your voice to be near

imagine when I am there



Monica said...

I hope you are printing these! Happy New Year! Keep writing.


denise said...

Poignant on many levels. Thanks for sharing.

SunMoonStar said...

love it...

Sol said...

thank you ladies!!! I appreciate the comments :0)


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