Wednesday, January 21, 2009

eDating is not for me

Two dates in one weekend just re-confirmed that I don't like dating, especially online dating. While most people would concur that dating sucks, I think it sucks more than just sucks when it's online!

Meeting people on the premise that you are solely trying to see if you are a harmonious couple is just too much damn pressure. It’s just not normal. Ugh! I found no bubbly excitement in the matching and guided communication process. The personal emails were not much different…more like ‘okay so when do we get on with it and meet.’ And then you meet…hit or miss! I assume it’s a miss more times than not. So the worst part of online dating is the "break-up" talk when there was nothing there to begin with. What are you ending anyway? But you still have to do it! So tell me where in this process is there any fun?! I’ve been told to have fun and enjoy dating…how? I just don’t know how. How do you have fun telling a great man that you don't feel any chemistry there because you lack physical attraction?! How do you enjoy rejecting a decent human being who is just trying to find a partner in life just like I am?! Am I too empathetic? Or maybe I’m too naive? Either way, I’m not sure this is for me. I have 5 more months on this damn thing...and I really dread having to go through this again. There’s got to be a better way.

For every day that goes by, the more I don't WANT a man in my life.

Moral of the story, I love being single…leave me alone!

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
Current temperature in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: 54.5 °F

Today's online news header: Temps may dip below freezing tonight

Are you kidding me? It’s cold enough now…why does it have to get any colder? This morning, I was too embarrassed to put on my winter coat (in fear of looking foolish in South Florida). Apparently, I will be wearing it tomorrow without need for embarrassment. I just read this: “It'll be so cold tomorrow morning that a lot of people will need their credit card. The credit card will be used to scrape the frost off of vehicle windows as most areas of Palm Beach and Broward will see a heavy frost.”

Seriously!? I live in South Florida for a reason…the sun and the warmth!!!!
Bring back the warmth!!

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