Monday, February 2, 2009

The Scarlet Letter

“Life is short, have an affair”
This is an advertising tag line for an online dating service geared towards married people. This is no joke! I took notice when I saw the commercial spot during the Super Bowl stating “when divorce is not an option.” Are you kidding me? I had to watch it again to be sure this was for real! It is unimaginable to conceive a business like this exists…oh, but it does! This company (which I’m intentionally not mentioning) is ultimately condoning and advocating affairs. Yes, affairs have been going on for centuries. But does this mean we should start condoning it and perceiving it as acceptable behavior. Have we no shame? No morals? No family values? Have we lost our minds? Adultery should be shameful, not appealing. Adultery is a sin, not a virtue.

What has the world come to when businesses our profiting off of shamelessly breaking up marriages, destroying homes and families, afflicting pain on innocent children, disregarding the values of marriage, and condoning all of it at the same time??? What about the television affiliates who are allowing this on air? Oh boy...where are we going from here?

What message are we sending to the kids who are watching these commercials or who read the billboards? Do we really want to start spreading the message that marriage is not sacred and that affairs are acceptable? We already live in a society with a divorce rate of over 50%. We are already losing site of decent moral behavior. Should we allow businesses to not only profit off of our humanity, our sins, but also to dictate our morals and values? This is disgraceful!

I’m beyond appalled, I’m sickened and agitated. There are so many different levels of wrong here…I just cannot go on any further! I’m truly heartbroken!


Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I still have hope for our future, for our children. I still have faith. I still believe in ‘love conquers all’! All you need is love! Love is all you need!


Lars said...

Are we pointing the finger in the wrong direction here? Is the business man who is providing a service that people obviously want at fault here or is the actual people who use the service? The divorce rate is north of 50% for a reason.

Sol said...

i wasn't saying that the company was at fault for our current state of dismal moral behavior...i'm just saying is it really necessary to continue undermining morality and family values. By advertising their business, they are in fact, stating these acts are acceptable...something we should not be condoning. And yes...don't get me started on the people who use the service...Reprehensible!!!

Lars said...

But, in fact, you probably should get started with those who use the service. Treat the cause, not the symptom. The company does not force anyone to sign up for the service.

Sol said...

No, they don't force anyone to sign up...they do, however, promote their services as acceptable and desirable. Did you forget kids watch these commercials too? They are not users of this service, but in the end will be affected by these ideals this company is advocating.

The cause (Affairs) will always be has been since the beginning of time. We cannot cure the problem, but we do not have to add to the symptoms. Let's not advocate and condone the behavior!

and again...yes, I can go off on the users of this company...but for right now...I'm aggravated at the company!!!

Back off Lars!

Anybody want to add??

Kristina said...

I agree that the service is wrong and that the prime time advertisement is inconceiveable. However, if this company is doing well enough to advertise during the super bowl, there is clearly a market for it. Just as call-girls, prostitution is wrong AND illegal, it still happens.
The network is the one who is at fault here. They are the ones who lack the moral judgement in running this ad. NBC and its affliates are the ones who need to hear from the outraged viewrs such as yourself. Guarantee there are others. I didnt see it myself, but I'm gonna look for it now.


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