Friday, August 3, 2007

Playing Hard to Get

The theory is that a man is in interested in women who show no interest in them. It must be the ego-challenge or the bet made by a friend or maybe the idea that you can change her. Either way, it seems that playing hard to get works.

My friends tell me that if I am interested in a guy, I should play hard to get. I never understood how or why this theory would work, I still don't. But whether I understand it or not, it does work. I've seen it first hand this past month.

See, a little over a month ago, I "unconsciously on purpose" (remember that word from my blog on 9/26/2006) decided to not have a man in my life (at least for now). It was unconscious because I truly just stopped being interested in dating and hooking up. It was on purpose because I also realized I just needed a break in my life from all the man-drama. Yes, men are just as drama-filled as women can be.

So in this past month, it seems that my new attitude has been attracting men from all around; old ones, new ones, and lingering ones. It's raining men in my life yet I don't want any of them. Ahhh…the irony! The worst part is that a couple of men that I had actual interest in before (who clearly expressed their lack of interest then) are now showing signs of their desires for me.

Amazing…playing hard to get really does work! Too bad I'm not playing hard to get, buddies. I have this I don't care, back off attitude that apparently are being misconstrued as playing hard to get. I've been, as some might say, a Bitch! Yet, that has not stopped the men from coming around. Why do men love bitches?

Now believe me, I am not bragging here…because in reality this is nothing more than a challenge for the men. It's just a game. I'm not stupid enough to think this has anything to do with real interest in me. And even when I come out of this vow of celibacy, it won't be for any of them. The good thing in all of this, I'm weeding out all the bullshit! So playing hard to get might actually be beneficial to my health after all. Hmmm?

So, in conclusion, why is it that a nice girl (let's say: like me) has to play hard to get to get any attention from men?

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I've just accepted an offer to teach a course for this fall. It's an undergraduate early childhood education course. It's been a couple of years since I've taught a class. But it feels so good to be regaining MY life back!

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