Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perfect Moms Don't Exist

If you think you're a perfect mom, you're not. If you think you should be the perfect mom, you're wrong. Life is not perfect and your children need to know that too. To struggle to obtain the unobtainable idea of being a perfect mom can only leave you with guilt and stress. Realize it is impossible to be perfect and enjoy the little things. Being a good mom comes not from perfection but from the heart.

I'm not a perfect mom because:

I let things slide.
I don't get it all done.
I don't clean the floors as often as I should.
I sometimes use the microwave to cook dinners.
I have been known to give him a snack before dinner time.
I've given him popsicles even if he didn't eat all his dinner.
I listen to the car radio instead of talking to my son.
The car is full of sand and milk stains.
I curse in front of my son.
I make mistakes.
I've accidentally banged my son's head against door frames.
I use the TV early in the morning to keep him entertained while I keep my eyes closed on the couch.
I leave the playground and parks early cause it's too hot for ME.
I look forward to Wednesday nights (when I don't have my son) to go out dancing with my girlfriend.
I agree to his demands at times.
I let him jump on my bed.
I know I'm not a perfect mom. And I'm proud of it! I join in on the bed jumping, I'm the one that pours out the sand from his shoes in my car, and I eat cookies before dinner with him. But not being a prefect mom makes me a mom that ROCKS!

I spend my days hugging, laughing, playing, jumping, singing, running, hopping, laughing, dancing, kissing, and being silly with my son instead of worrying about being a perfect mom. I'm perfectly happy not being perfect!

I love being a mom!

*Okay so this blog can be for dads too!

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
By the end of this week, my car will hit 36,000 miles. I have 9 more months on my 3 year/36K lease. ARGH!!!!!

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Mile said...

You know, i was checking out your favorites.. and came across this one.. dude, i love this. it is like a relief to my heavy heart for the things that i am feeling and feel like i shouldnt be feeling. i like not being a perfect mom. i like my time alone. im sleepy all the time and wish she slept more too.. thank you for this. love it.. my favorite too.


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