Friday, July 28, 2006

My New Life

In a matter of one week (about 3 weeks ago), I lost 10 pounds. I am down to less than my pre-pregnancy weight. My size 2 pants are baggy. The thing is, I don't mind. I feel good about all the weight loss. The other thing is I haven't been starving myself or dieting - just stressing and crying. Maybe someone should do a study on the effects of crying to your physical body. Maybe crying burns a lot of calories. Maybe I should write a book on the sure way to lose weight: STRESS OUT. I can make videos and infomercials and become rich. LOL. Anyway, I'm taking this weight change as a sign. It's time to buy new clothes and start new. I will move forward in a positive way. I will firm up my body. I will go shopping for a sexy new wardrobe, sexy new shoes (my shoe size is the same, but I gotta buy new shoes with the new wardrobe). I will decorate my new house in my own style. I will paint the walls with my color of choice. I will replace the pictures in all the old frames with new pictures of just Mathew and me (Harley too). I will keep smiling (and probably cry a little too). But most of all I will be moving forward.

Thanks for everyone's support and thoughts. I have my bad days, but overall I am looking forward to my new life with my beautiful son.

Before I go, let me leave you with this:
I love chocolate. I've noticed that my body has been craving it a lot lately. Is chocolate addictive? Possibly, it does have caffeine. It also triggers dopamine in the brain, which is the same as what heroin does - addictive? I'd say so! Am I addicted? Maybe!? It's obvious that during stressful times in my life I turn to chocolate.

Chocolate simply satisfies!

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