Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chrismakkuh Bush!

Christmas tree, o' christmas tree
Much pleasure that doth bring me!

What is a christmas tree? What does a christmas tree mean to you?

Being raised in a jewish home, I never had a christmas tree. It wasn't anything I desired to have or felt left out not having one. When I met and moved in with my catholic boyfriend, now known as my ex-husband, I had my first Christmas tree. We incorprated Hanukkah as much as possible; making the tree blue and silver (and purple), adding Hanukkah ornaments, and calling it a Hanukkah bush. It was so much fun! After the divorce, I had the first year of Christmas without the tree (and without Mathew) and it felt weird, bare and depressing. This year, I did debate putting the tree up...and that's when I realized it's a part of my life's tradition now. Eleven years later, it's a beautiful decorative piece in my house that brings holiday joy and cheer during the season. It doesn't celebrate the birth and life of Jesus. It doesn't symbolize christianity, catholicism or christmas even. It's fun and truly does bring me joy!!

I have a Hanukkah bush, ornaments, stockings, wreath, and small xmas decorative trees outside. I have menorahs, dreidels, window decals, and garland. I light the menorah. I put gifts under the tree and in our stockings. Come the New Year, they all get boxed up and stored away for the next year's holiday season.

It's really silly to make such a big deal out of a jewish born and raised girl having a Hanukkah bush. Get over it! I'm not going to hell, my son is not going to be confused, and my life is not a mess. I may not be religious, but I have faith, compassion, and spirituality! I don't need an organized religion to tell me how to be a compassionate, good person, nor do I need any of you to judge my traditions, beliefs, and life!

I have a chrismakkuh bush. Get over it!
I am me. Deal with it!

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them" - Mother Teresa

Peace on Earth!
It begins with random acts of kindness, not judgment or bigotry!
Merry Chismakkuh and Happy New Year to all!


Deboshree said...

My dear dear friend,

It's very rare when you read someone's thoughts and simply get hooked on to them.
And then again it's very rare when a person's words touch your heart so deeply that you can't refrain from expressing how they affected you. As is happening in my case!
First of all, your tattoo is damn sexy!

Hats off to you lady for being the woman you are and your approach towards life. Simply love it! I wish you a belated merry christmas!

God bless you and your lovely child.He's adorable by the way!


sol said...

wow, what a lovely and flattering comment Deboshree! Thank you so much! ...for reading and sharing!!! I'll have to swing by your blog and check it out. don't be shy to "follow" mine!

Happy New Year to you!!!


insomniac ellen said...

hey my former next-door neighbors were jewish--but they loved Christmas decorations. They were the first ones on the block to have lights and a giant santa up on their house.

whatever floats your boat i say.

sol said... each his own

Ginamarie said...

I agree.. and I do EXACTLY the same things as you.. Both of my kids are being raised Jewish and attend day schools. Anyone who doesn't like our decorations can stay home.



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