Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...all in due time

biding my time
in rough waters

holding on
to the beacon of hope
swirling in and out of my line of vision

my mind is tiring out
soon to be left drowning

surely a life line will be thrown my way
to take me out of these tides that crash me down

...all in due time!

Have you ever been in a tough situation where the only thing you can do is wait? Some days you have hope it will all be over soon and some days you are so drained that you just want to give up. You are torn between despair and hope; disappointment and encouragement; anger and peace. You are not sure what the answers are to the questions or even what the questions are. The light at the end of the tunnel never seems to get any closer, but there's always light. You are heading towards the light not even knowing what to expect, just knowing that anywhere but here is a better place. And in due time, whenever that will be, you will find peace again...

...all in due time!



septembermom said...

Love the feel of these lines. You captured that emotional stress of waiting and hoping to emerge from a tough situation. The hope for peace and that lifeline keep the human within us holding onto whatever we can.

You have a wonderful blog here! I'm really looking forward to following you. It's always fun to find a fellow poet :)

sol said...

Thank you!!!! I don't know about fellow poet (I try), but definitely fellow blogger! ;) Thanks for the comments, look forward to following you as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words and yes I can relate to every line. Right now I have been going thru a major situation that is wearing me down. There are days I want to give up. But I try to hold on with these words: "Tough times don't last but tough people do." Sometimes I don't feel very tough especially when the situation seems to have a stronger hold on me but if this statement is true then I will ride the wave and trust it to deposit me on the other side of perseverance.


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