Monday, March 9, 2009

To Confirm or To Ignore

Facebook, one of the many social networking tools on the world wide web. You can join networks organized by your you can "network" on facebook while at work. You can join networks by your you can re-connect with old friends to judge and compare each others lives. You can join networks by your you can stalk people you want to know that live really close by. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a facebook hater! On the contrary I love it. I love how you can remain in touch with someone's life without picking up the phone. I'm a phone-hater! I have re-connected with old friends and have made old acquaintances new friends. I can see my nephews and nieces growing up in pictures since they live thousands of miles away. I can show off my amazing son to all my friends and family and bask in their wonderful comments.

I truly and honestly joined facebook for the 30+ family members that are on facebook and asked me to join. But now that I'm on it I have 208 friends. I just can't seem to Ignore or Deny. Thanks to a friend named Dave, who reminded me that I was a girl with few "friends" and many acquaintances. And here I am on facebook with way too many acquaintances. I don't want to relive my highschool years all over it's time to purge my list.

I need to remove "friends":
  • I might have known at some point, but haven't even spoken to since confirming them as a friend
  • I barely can even remember, but confirmed them cause they were class of '94 or '93 or whatever
  • I know from a friend of a friend and really isn't or wasn't my friend
  • I wanted to reconnect with but realized it wasn't worth to anyway
  • I really just don't care about and felt obligated to confirm
It feels harsh, but don't take it personally. This social networking is so I can socialize with my friends, colleagues, and family members. The rest of the people...well go back to where you came from before facebook existed. I don't want to know about people I don't really care to know about nor do they need to know about me.

(some time elapses...) I'm down to 165...I probably can purge more and might do so at a later date. The guilt is getting to me after the 40 plus so far.

To Confirm or To Ignore...I will Ignore more!


heather said...

I can't tel you how unbelievably grateful I am that I have made it through the first round purge. I will not feel bad if I do not make it through the next- it has been lovely! I was also grateful when I made it through David's purge. phew! What a relief! : ) Keep it up and I am enjoying your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you should post this on facebook, this is exactly what a lot of people are feeling. You should quit your job right now and start writing.
-Jennifer Guerra Faber

P.S. Now, I should check if I made it through the friends purging. Oh oh!


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